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May 9, 2006 3:40 pm

Saudi Lingerie: Not Just for Men Anymore

I think I blog about lingerie far more than I really ought to, but having said that, there is no denying the intrinsic interest of this Reuters item about Saudi lingerie, whether as a gauge of reform in Muslim countries, or as...or as...well, other things.

I applaud this liberalizing move, but remain puzzled by aspects of it. For one thing, since when has lingerie been legal in Saudi Arabia? What could it be legal for--given how much else in that general vicinity is prohibited? For another, what exactly is the Saudi definition of"lingerie," anyway? (First approximation, derived from the photo:"Whatever you wear between you and your burka.") Third, how do they train men to sell women's lingerie? Or is it that they train men to sell it to...OK, no need to proceed any further with that thought.

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