May 10, 2007 12:59 pm


That is the headline in the Norwegian paper Tagbladet describing Sunna al Ansar's implied call for action against papers and journalists involved with the Danish cartoons. In case, the"faithful" have forgotten, the Ansar al Sunna special online publication provides them with a current list of dozens of European newspapers that reprinted the Muhammad cartoons. No, American papers are not included. They may preach multilateralism to the Bush administration, but when it comes to their own hide, they are strict unilateralist dhimis. They let their fellow European journalist hang alone.

In any case, the Ansar al-Sunna publication comes after earlier reports from Afghanistan about assassins being on their way to Europe to follow in the footsteps of the murderer of Theo Van Gogh. No, I am not making up the connection. Der Spiegel writes:

The remarks on the cartoon scandal in Ansar al-Sunna fit the pattern exactly."While it may prove difficult to make all Muslims carry out the divine verdict in this matter," the authors write,"the path of jihad against the enemies of God is still available."

The example the authors offer to potential jihadists is particularly cynical. Commenting on the murder of Dutch film director Theo Van Gogh, they note in a cool tone that by making"Submission," which they consider to be anti-Islamic, the director prompted Muhammad Buyeri to kill him.

To understand the timing of this" call for action," it is necessary to remember that Ansar al Sunna is one of the most active terrorist organizations in Iraq and that it also has a strong presence in Europe.

Moreover, it seems that European countries, like their fellow Middle Eastern ones failed to go after the organization because they assumed that the War in Iraq providing a sufficient outlet to their militancy. In a strategy formulated on the advice of their"terrorist experts," they made soothing noises to calm the so-called (Islamist organized )Muslim street and declared victory:

"We thought everything was over, but they're stoking the fire," sources within the German security establishment say."Given what is happening, you have to assume there will be reactions from militants in the countries cited by Ansar, or against journalists from those countries," says Guido Steinberg, a terrorism expert at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs."This kind of publication, backed by a large transnational terrorist organization, is dangerous."

Wrong again. The Islamists believe the Iraqi battlefield is being lost. In recently captured Al Qaeda letters in Iraq we read that "Every Year Is Worse Than The Previous Year" Why? Because Muslims fail to adhere to the letter of the religious code is the Islamist answer. In other words, the fault lies in non Islamist Muslims. That means attacking non Islamist Muslim states (note recent attacks in Egypt and Saudi Arabia) and moderate Muslims in the diaspora:

"It's our duty to increase our efforts to correct the wayward thinking of some Muslims and show what the 'religion of democracy' really means," the authors of the online journal write, adding that the task of every jihadist is"to follow the way of the prophet and take up the struggle against the enemies of religion."

Bin Laden, Zawahiri and Zarqaui all identified all those connected with the publication of the Danish cartoons as well as their liberal Muslim supporters as the appropriate target for Jihad.

The only question is will European terror experts reevaluate their appeasement recommendations before or after the next Van Gogh type Jihadist attack?

Well, the attacks have begun. First target Danish politicians.

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