Dec 27, 2003 1:43 am


I'm glad to see that someone else [Morat (Aarrggh! Permalinks bloggered -- the title of the post is"More on Idiot Comments about heatwaves") and Different Strings] had the same thought I did when reading the idiotic WaPo editorial about Europeans and the heat.

My first response was"hey you idiots, why does Washington, D.C. shut down when there's three inches of snow? That's not really that big a deal, is it?"

I must admit as someone who has made his class at 8:00 (both in Indiana and here in my rather hilly region of Missouri) when we've had twelve inches or more of snow, I can't believe that some folks simply can't drive in snow but the fact is, some folks just can't.

As Different Strings notes, we're all acclimated to different weather conditions and that's just the way it is with human beings. As someone who's seen the hilarious comedic spectacle of drivers in San Antonio and Houston try to drive on a whopping inch of snow, I can attest to the acclimation argument. I really couldn't believe it when my uncle in Houston completely lost control of his car in what had to be the lamest inch of snow I've ever seen.

I just don't know how the folks at the WaPo can't realize such an obvious thing before making fools of themselves in writing that editorial.

And, btw, the high here was 101 today. In any given year, I deal with both heavy snows and days of 100+ degrees. I deal with both extremes -- so you certainly can't accuse me of being a softy heat-wise or cold-wise.

In fact, I rode 10 miles on my bike yesterday through extremely hilly terrain in 96 degrees with a heat index of more than 105.

Nonetheless, I do understand that most Americans don't deal with both extremes. Why aren't the folks at the WaPo bright enough to recognize that?

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