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May 6, 2006 11:43 pm

More Ohio

The Sunday Times has a good preview of the situation in Ohio after Tuesday's primary, painting a somewhat less optimistic view of Democratic chances in the state than I consider justitifed (especially regarding the candidacy of Zach Space, who won the primary to challenge embattled Congressman Bob Ney).

One exception exists, however. Last year, after they recruited him into the race, state and national Democratic party leaders turned against Paul Hackett, preferring the more conventional Sherrod Brown, a central Ohio congressman. Hackett eventually dropped his Senate run, but it's clear that Brown's liberal House record makes him a far less appealing statewide possibility than the anti-gun control, Gulf War veteran Hackett. It would be most ironic if a flawed decision by party leaders wound up costing the Democrats a chance to win the Senate.

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