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May 4, 2006 2:31 pm

Satchmo and Marijuana

In an article for HNN, L and P blogger Keith Halderman explores Louis Armstrong's pro-liberty views on Marijuana:

Armstrong maintained marijuana to be a thousand times better than whiskey and that it relaxed him while also keeping him clear headed. He pointed out that, though he smoked marijuana, during the entire forty-five years he had been blowing trumpet he had never let his public down, claiming that they had a reverence for each other.

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Robert L. Campbell - 5/9/2006

I'm glad to see Keith Halderman picking up on the Louis Armstrong story.

According to one biography, Armstrong even wrote to President Eisenhower urging that marijuana be legalized.

Robert Campbell

Mark Brady - 5/4/2006

Keith has written a really good and useful article that I encourage you all to read. I know I shall be recommending it to people in the weeks to come.