May 4, 2006 12:33 pm


Here is part of the transcript of a multipart series run on state controlled Egyptian TV. It is entitled"Man in the Era of Globalization." You can also watch it and remember the US government gives Egypt 2 billion dollars a year. Over 4 additional American millions have been added to Egyptian coffers since the CS monitor wrote: $50 billion later, taking stock of US aid to Egypt

The following is the transcript of the video link from the Apr.18, 2006 episode:

Son: Ariel Sharon knows how to take advantage of 9/11. He knows how to convince America that he is fighting terror. The Zionists are the ones who benefit from these events. Even from 9/11 they benefit. Aren't they the ones who attacked the World Trade Center, to cause what is happening?

Father: It's not impossible. But don't forget that the Zionist aren't everything. There is a bigger an greater force, the great imperialist interests. Today America is playing the role that the Roman Empire played in the past, when it controlled the whole world through its influence and power.

Son: What should we do, father, give up?

Father: No! We must not give up.

Son: But how, father? You said that America has power to control the whole world.

Father: Do not forget that when the crusades came to the region we resisted for 200 years. For 200 years there were wars. We too have the ability to resist for many years. We will not become like the Indians [Native Americans], put in cages for the world to watch, as they are doing now in Gwatanamo with the remaining Al-Qaida.

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