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May 1, 2006 11:07 pm

MUST READ: Queen's Ahmadinejad light

"A Kinder, Gentler Holocaust Denier; Sheikh Al-Sahlani condemns suicide bombing and supports the democratization of Iraq. So why does he doubt the Holocaust?" by Walter Ruby.

Because he like Ahmadinejad ( read his own words) wants not only to eradicate Israel but to evict its Jews.

Why is he kinder and gentler? Because he would permit them to visit:

Al-Sahlani then said, “There are great scholars—specialists in the Holocaust---who do not believe what the other group of people believe…They say the number of victims is less than six million. Some of them say the reason for the Holocaust was (that it was) done by the Zionists.” Al-Sahlani said he could not remember the names of the scholars he cited as believing the six million figure is inflated, but when I brought up British historian David Irving, who was recently jailed in Austria for claiming just that, Al-Sahlani responded, “Yes, I believe that is the person, and probably there are others.”

Al-Sahlani said that unlike Ahmadinejad, who has called repeatedly for the destruction of Israel, he himself believes that, “We have now to accept the fact Israelis live there and have a government, so that whether or not we accept the history, it is a reality.” Yet he vigorously condemns Zionism, which he calls “a movement among part of the Jewish people that occupied the land of others and is therefore unacceptable to many Arabs and Muslims.” When I responded that attachment to the Land of Israel is not only an expression of Zionism, but a basic component of Judaism itself, Al-Sahlani responded, “We cannot deny the land of Palestine is a holy land for Jews, as well as Muslims and Christians….[Yet] the reality is that before 1914, that land belonged to Muslim Arabs…and the door was open for Jews or Christians to visit the Holy Land….[Today], we shouldn’t deny the right of Jews to visit that land and to worship God there, because they have a history there…but it doesn’t mean they have right to occupy the land."

Given the fact that signed agreement to the contrary, between 1948-1967 when Jordan controlled Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Hebron, Jews were not permitted to visit their holy sites, Al Sahlani considers himself generous. I also wonder what he wishes to do with the Jews evicted from Arab lands. Of course, Israel made the"mistake" of not turning them into bargaining chips the way he and his fellow Arabs with international cooperation turned the Palestinian refugees.

But, then, expelling people is common in the Middle East. After the Gulf War, Kuwait expelled 450,000 Palestinians and Saudi Arabia expelled a million Yemenites. If more Palestinians are not expelled from Iraq today, it is only because the US would object. For the International community takes the position that Arab countries not only do not have any responsibility towards Palestinians have been living for in their midst for decades but that they have the right to expel their foreign residents at the drop of a hat. It is that position that makes Ahmadinejad and Al Salhani not only seem sane but just to their fellow Muslims.

Why not? Let's send everybody packing back to where they were 50, 100, 1000 years ago and let Al Salhani lead the way.

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