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Apr 21, 2006 9:28 pm

Palestinians deserve aid to kill "more and again."

The NYT letter section included the standard line saturating the media at the moment. You can listen to it on the BBC and CNN. You can find it on Fox News or read it in all the papers. It is summed up by Nasser bin Hamad al-Khalifa, the Ambassador of Qatar thus:

The government elected by Palestinian voters is facing external pressure to change its policies, and the resulting aid cutoff from some donors has worsened the financial crisis.

But while this political battle continues, the Palestinian people have legitimate needs that cannot be ignored.

Starving the population and engineering the collapse of their civil institutions are not, in our view, constructive means of disagreeing with Hamas.

In other words, the Palestinian people have the right to do their best to kill more and more Israelis and it is illegitimate for the outside world not to finance their so doing. No, I am not exaggurating. This is what a Hamas terrorist told Bob Simon:

Reporter: How does he feel about this death toll?

Abdullah Barghouti:"I feel bad because the number only 66. This the answer you want to hear it?" Barghouti told Simon.

"I want to hear what you have to say," Simon replied.

"No, this is the answer they want to hear it? Yes, I feel bad, because I want more," Barghouti said." Barghouti said.

Asked if he ever escaped from jail and was asked by Hamas to kill Israelis again, Abdullah Barghouti says,"I will make it again."

"Again, again, again," he says."If my organization, she say 'You should do it,' I will do it, and I will close my eyes."

You will find the entire interview here. LGF points out that ABC even goes as far as to threaten that"Lack of funds and support may force Hamas to return to its violent ways." Sorry, it's true though I added the italics.

Do realize that our tax dollars are still going to finance these men and so are the funds of our so called allies (Qatar $50 million, Saudis $92 million) in the War on Terror. Here is a good summary.

On Hamas' plan to constitute yet another security force, read Ed in Captain's Quarters.

And they are to America.

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