Apr 21, 2006 6:47 pm


1. Yourish on Israeli double standard and Atlas Shruggs on "They called me Jewish garbage."

2. Robert Kaplan being Haunted by Hussein, humbled by events.

3. Light of Freedom fading in Venezuela. Well, Chavez listens to Castro.

4.Ed Laski on Friedman's latest column and another one on Judt. No, I can't stand the man.

5.Michelle Malkin on Shouting down a tyrant. This woman does not mince words but CNN continues to censor in order not to offend tyrants. No, they have no decency or shame. But, then, as Bruce Kesler demonstrates, neither have our high tech companies.

6. Blowing up hope in the ME

7. Death penalty for the Danish cartoons? Conference in DUBAI - Must read.

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Frederik Treue - 4/21/2006

Err? The 7th link (conference in DUBAI) seems to lead to some article about American influence on Israel rather than death penalties for the cartoons...