Apr 18, 2006 6:00 pm


Times Online describes some of the etiquette:

THE ISRAELI soldiers arrived before dawn but the suicide bomber’s father and furniture had already gone.

Samir Hammad’s relatives had cleared their Jenin home of their . . . possessions, anticipating the house demolition with which Israel usually punishes the families of suicide bombers. But not this time. Not yet.

A search of the surrounding houses in the village of Arka turned up Hammad’s father, Samih, who was arrested and taken in for interrogation. . . .

Within hours of his death Hammad was a fully-accessorised “martyr”, complete with farewell video, posters and heroic slogans. Sitting on the few cushions remaining in the small hilltop house his mother Samya, 42, complied with photographers who clamoured for her to pose with a poster but the house was unadorned with militant propaganda.

“He was a hero and I am proud of Samir but I have suffered from his loss,” she said of her eldest son.

Do not worry. The family's financial problems are over. Child sacrifice in the service of the murder of Jews is a good deal in the PA.

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