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Convincing the world that they must choose between 15 million Jews and over a billion Muslims is the essence of the Iranian strategy. The nuclear development is meant to make the decision easier and the threat more imminent. The ridiculous bravado is designed to convince opponents that resistance is futile. The release of the old Zawahiri tape is yet another sign of the Islamist Sunni-Shia alliance as it is released during the Palestinian conference held in Tehran and it seeks to bolster the Iranian argument. Zawahiri says:

Zawahiri arguing that it is incumbent upon Muslims to strive to create the Caliphate and to eliminate Israel. He states: “You have to understand that we are one nation and we don't recognize Sykes-Picot and the maps of Percy Cox, whether you like it or not. You won't have any peace or security unless you deal with the Muslim Nation on an equal basis of respect, and not on the basis of crimes and theft. You have to understand, Bush, the son of Bush, that removing Israel is a must on every Muslim, whether you like it or not. The Caliphate of which you conspired against and caused to collapse eight years ago is coming back in spite of you.”

There can be little doubt but that Ahmadinejad has already succeeded in convincing not only many Europeans but also American realists whose views are presented by Walt and Mearsheimer that not only is it a no-brainer but any argument to the contrary amounts to taking a position contrary to America's best interest. As Powell's former chief of staff, Larry Wilkerson, told the Middle East Institute, Walt and Mearsheimer merely wrote down what is whispered in the corridors of Foggy Bottom. As he explained to one of his students, the problem is not with the Jewish lobby per se (the Cuban lobby is more powerful) but with the region's strategic importance. In other words, he argued, the US cannot afford to choose Israel anymore than it can afford to stand by the Kurds or the Tawainese (his examples). The price is simply too high.

Oh, yes, we are back to Munich. The difference is that Israel will not follow in the footsteps of Czechoslovakia. It will fight and so will a US led by George W. Bush. Indeed, nothing would scare the world of free riders (Middle East, Europe, Russia and China) more than their failure to do so. And, when all is said and done, that is the ultimate reason the realists are NOT realistic.

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Lillith - 9/2/2006

Watch the videos in peace before you shout anti-semetic and start a war...

Walt & Mearsheimer Videos - The Israel Lobby


Stephen Walt & John Mearsheimer, Israel Lobby Cair conference C-span 08240606.
Downloadable Real Media video in 3 parts 32, 37 and 14 MB.

Stephen Walt & John Mearsheimer, Israel Lobby Cair conference C-span 08240606








Scub - 4/15/2006

Europe grows closer to Israel for every day the world witness the absurdities of Islam...

This is about to be; The muslim world vs everybody else!

The clash of civilisations is surely an arab notion!

Joey Joe Joe - 4/14/2006

Yup, George sure is a goofball. Good point.

Michael Greenspan - 4/14/2006

I imagine it should be "chief of staff," not "chief of stuff." Otherwise, kudos.