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Apr 13, 2006 1:08 am

Carnivals, Symposium, and Other Things

Carnivals: History Carnival #29 will go up at Rebecca Goetz's (a)musings of a grad student on Saturday 15 April. Send your nominations of exemplary history posts since 1 April to rgoetz*at*fas*harvard*dot*edu. An early modern edition of Carnivalesque Button will go up at Kristine Steenbergh's Earmarks of Early Modern Culture on Sunday 16 April. Send your nominations of posts that have appeared since 4 February on the period from 1500 to 1800 CE to kristeen*dot*steenbergh*at*let*dot*uu*dot*nl.

Symposium: As per Manan Ahmed's announcement, Cliopatria will hold a symposium on Thomas Bender's article,"No Borders: Beyond the Nation-State," CHE, 7 April, on Monday 17 April. Both it and the symposium will appear on HNN's mainpage on that date. It won't appear on the mainpage until then, but the article is already in HNN's system and you can access it here. The symposium will feature links to both Eric Rauchway's"toward an increased focus on political history, part ii: the globalizing," POTUS, 8 February, and Caleb McDaniel's"Transnational Political History," Cliopatria, 4 April, which appeared before the publication of Bender's article, as well as KC Johnson's"Bender on Transnationalism," Cliopatria, 8 April, and Rob MacDougall's"TransAmerica, Cliopatria, 9 April, which appeared subsequent to it. Other Cliopatricians who want to participate in the symposium should send their contributions to: manan*at*uchicago*dot*edu by Sunday evening. He will collate them and post the symposium. Other history bloggers who want to join the discussion should post a response to the article on their own blog and send a link to it to Manan's address. Professor Bender has indicated his willingness to respond to the discussions, so this is a rare opportunity for all of us to engage in a discussion with the author of an important article on a crucial historiographical issue.

Other Things: Barry Meier and John Noble Wilford,"Emergence of Gospel of Judas Offers Tangled Tale of Its Own," NYT, 13 April, explores the story about the antiquities market and the gospel of Judas.
Via Global Voices and Nathanael Robinson, Keguro at Gukira, 6 April, writes poignantly of"Raping Black Women" in Kenya.
Regarding the troubled and troubling discussion of John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt,"The Israel Lobby," LRB, 23 March, I recommend two responses: Jacob T. Levy's"Thoughts on ‘The Israel Lobby'," 6 April; and Chris Bertram's"Patriotism and the Mearsheimer/Walt Affair," Crooked Timber, 12 April. Thanks to Chris Lawrence at Signifying Nothing for the tip.

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