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Apr 7, 2006 5:39 pm

The Red Flag of Rothbard

[cross-posted at Austro-Athenian Empire]

My Rothbard Memorial Lecture is now available in text, audio, and video formats. In it I try to delineate Rothbard’s legacy for the libertarian left, including a discussion of the relation between free-market anarchism and participatory democracy.

I should add a thank you to Wally Conger, Brad Spangler, and Sheldon Richman for their very generous comments (which I am too vain not to link to).

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Sergio Alejandro Méndez - 4/11/2006 was the browser...when I tried to download the video with explorer instead of Firefox it worked. My apologies.

Richard Anthony Garner - 4/11/2006

The video works for me, too.

This bit interested me:

From a Rothbardian perspective, any move, large or small, in the direction of liberty is to be welcomed. Of course the large moves will be welcomed more enthusiastically than the small ones, but all are improvements; no Rothbardian will ever say, "If you can't cut government by 100%, I don't want it cut at all."

Does this mean that no Rothbardian would oppose the abolition of laws altering the ability of French employers to fire new workers, unless such alterations were connected to the abolition of the complete corporatist edifice?

Roderick T. Long - 4/9/2006


The video link seems to work for me.

Sergio Alejandro Méndez - 4/9/2006

I am very impressed by your lecture profesor Long. Very thoughtful read.

P.D: The video link is not working.