Dec 27, 2003 1:43 am


Atrios points out that the administration has appointed one of the Bush I administration's Whitewater Lying Liars to a $118,000 per year job in the Pentagon. Lewis, who (as Orcinus explains here) has a well-documented history of telling astonishing lies about Democrats while covering up for Republicans has been put in charge of...wait for it boys and girls...auditing contracts in Iraq.

My goodness, they're repaying this loyal lying footsoldier with a job in which she'll cover up for Republicans yet again. She threw a fit a decade ago about Clinton's deal in which he actually lost tens of thousands of dollars. However, I'm sure this lying shill will see nothing wrong with looking the other way as Halliburton and others rob the federal treasury of tens of billions of dollars in the name of"reconstructing" Iraq.

Atrios provides us with one of the"highlights" of Lewis's earlier life as an RTC employee in the first Bush administration in which she lied to Ken Starr and even Senator Pothole:

Lewis filed her criminal referral just two months before the 1992 presidential election. The timing was so embarrassingly obvious that it pissed off the Little Rock F.B.I. office and the U.S. attorney. They told their bosses in D.C. that it looked like Lewis was playing politics, and that in their opinion there was"absolutely no factual basis to suggest criminal activity on the part of any of the individuals listed as witnesses," including the Clintons. But later Lewis tried again, this time charging that deposits in McDougal’s S&L had been illegally diverted to Clinton’s campaign fund. When, once again, her charges fell into a void, friendly reporters, who had been getting loads of leaks from her, began to imply that she was the victim of a bureaucratic cover-up. The cry of Cover-Up, once sounded, reverberates for a long time, and it made Lewis something of a heroine to the right wing. She was duly called to testify at the Senate’s Whitewater hearings, run by Republican Senator Alfonse D’Amato (also known as"Senator Shakedown," because of his own ways of raising money). But the Democrats were ready for Lewis. As they began reading the Justice Department’s low opinion of her grasp of the law, she began to tremble, and then fainted dead away. While thousands watching C-SPAN saw her swoon, the Times and Post reporters were apparently looking elsewhere, because neither paper reported it, nor mentioned the Justice Department’s stern judgment.
If you ever wanted clear evidence that this is a dishonest and fundamentally immoral administration, stories like this, in which loyal lying Republican shills from the Whitewater pseudo-scandal are rewarded with six-figure jobs that are to involve the purported"oversight" of public contracts for the president's crony capitalist buddies, certainly provide all the evidence you need.

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