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Apr 5, 2006 11:16 am

The Boggled Mind

There are some things so strange, that they must be shared.

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Irfan Khawaja - 8/4/2006

Nowadays, "LOL" has become a mere expression, but I really did laugh out loud on reading this one.

Oscar Chamberlain - 4/8/2006


Thank you for the explanation. I was having enough trouble pairing Ms. Hilton with Mother Teresa, but to have Lincoln join them while reciting poetry . . . .?

Ralph E. Luker - 4/8/2006

Ah, that would be "Lincoln on Suicide ...."

Ralph E. Luker - 4/8/2006

For whatever reason, brother Vogt chose Oscar's post "The Boggled Mind" as an appropriate place to put his own thoughts about a discussion that took place at my post, "Lincoln on Suicide ...." I posted that on 9 June 2004. Apparently, brother Vogt just got around to it and thought he'd set Oscar straight about it.

Edwin Justus Vogt - 4/8/2006

This poem ascribed to the authorship of Lincoln is untrue. To begin, the poetic statements run contrary to his own, spiritual beliefs as imbued to him by his saintly mother. The effects of Hell are no consolation to someone contemplating their end to life. The poet speaks as one without hope. Lincoln, even in his most despairing meoments, had the companionship of associates who rendered help when needed. The poet claims the knife is his true friend.
I find a complate absence of reason in the lines attributed to Lincoln. His mind was one of deliberation and thoughtfulness. The views expressed here in the suicide soliloquy are foreign to his way of observations. Though syntax and metre are in line with his structuring of a poem, this method is easily duplicated and was used by many poets. Too, we find no mentioning of the poem in Lincoln's lifetime. Surely a piece of such quality would have been recited to friends. There just is no evidence that Lincoln actually penned the composition. Because it satisfies some historians who tie the writing into a period when Lincoln suffered from melancholia,is no sure proof that he wrote those lines. In conclusion: there is no record indicating that Lincoln is the author.

Oscar Chamberlain - 4/7/2006

Be my guest!

Manan Ahmed - 4/7/2006

is this the place where I make my whore-madonna joke?

Rebecca Anne Goetz - 4/5/2006

I did LOL too. Then I SJAOTK (Sprayed Juice all over the Keyboard)!

Rebecca Anne Goetz - 4/5/2006

That totally made my day, Oscar. Thanks!