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Apr 1, 2006 9:38 am

Letters to Leila: 11D: A Recon

The third in my series of Letters to Leila -- an introduction to blogging for academics unfamiliar with the medium -- is now available:

11 Delta: A Recon

It explores 11D, a blog maintained by"Laura," a woman with a PhD in political science but who is"not affiliated with any university right now. Instead I'm changing diapers in New Jersey. Maybe I'll put myself on the market this winter. Maybe I'll hobble together a writing career. Maybe the kids will suck out every creative brain cell, and I'll be left a broken woman in a bowling alley in Paterson. Who the hell knows."

I figured since Leila is in Women's Studies, she might find 11D of particular interest. Frankly, I think anyone would, but particularly those of us in the academy.

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