Mar 4, 2008 3:33 pm


Time Magazine's article "How the Sunnis will Use Jill Carroll" begins thus:

U.S. hostage Jill Carroll's unexpected release in Baghdad on Thursday was a welcome departure from the usual round of bloody bad news coming out of Iraq these days.

If the bad news from Iraq are uninterrupted it is because MSM makes sure they may be ONLY interrupted by very specific kind of good news such as the release of anti-war insurgency adoring hostages. Statistics clearly showing that the vast majority of Iraqis (and Afghanis, for that matter) believe that their lives and the lives of their families are getting better and carefully kept out of MSM just as good news about the US is. The Pakistan Tribune noted that the US regained its first place in the IT world but MSM did not. I promise you that had the US slipped four positions instead of moved up four positions it would have been all over MSM.

Sunnis are using Jill Carroll because they can and MSM helps them. MSM knows these Sunnis from the period when they covered up for Saddam's regime. There were their handlers. They were the anti-Western elite MSM knows and likes. Do you seriously believe that if Jill had told a story of abuse and torture instead of hearts and flowers she would get the coverage she is now getting from MSM?

No. MSM sympathy and coverage belong to only one kind of Americans, those who praise their captors and to the parents of those who can do it for them. Just read Father of Man Beheaded in Iraq Runs for Congress and try to keep your food down. No wonder that 64% of the Americans believe that the news media is a negative influence in the world. It is. It helps not only make the kidnapping and beheadings worthwhile but celebrates their apologists.

Bill Roggio disagrees:

"I met Jill about a month before she was kidnapped. We were both at Battle Position Hue City in Husaybah on the Iraq / Syrian border and I got to know her a little over the period of two days. Nothing she said or did led me to believe she favored the insurgency in the slightest. I wouldn't characterize her as an"anti-war insurgency adoring hostage." Not in the least. I also felt she did some of the better reporting from Iraq as an embedded & unembedded journalist. I will agree the media used her release to their advantage, however, as her kidnappers certainly look magnanimous. And Jill's statements while in captivity certainly have received much play in the press."

Jill repudiated her anti-American recordings and called her abductors" criminals."


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