Nov 17, 2006 1:20 am


The list of brave Muslim women speaking out against Islamism is getting longer by the day. We are all familiar with Irshad, Hirsi (read her latest Women go 'missing' by the millions, Wafa). In my posting bellow you were introduces to Samia. She is the president of A.I.M.E. and the author of D. The Zero Neutral.

Her manifesto:"Just as Europe is not the only business of Europeans, Islam is not the exclusive thing of the Moslems".

The respect of the difference by Samia Labidi Samia Labidi is the president of lassociation"Dici or dailleurs but together" (LIKES) Jai decided to sign"proclamation counters the misogyny, lhomophobie and lantisemitism" for multiple reasons. When one belongs to this quon calls a"difficult" origin, in loccurrence lorigine arabo-Moslem woman, known and recognized by his misogyny and his homophobie, one cannot hesitate one second to sign this proclamation in order to be distinguished from this" common grave" where lon tends to throw everyone. The French Council of the Moslem worship (CFCM) represents only itself, with his positions misogynists and homophobes. He does not represent of anything the silent majority which belongs to this community and which sintègre perfectly in the French company. This quon calls lislam France nest other than lislamism of France under the patronage of French lÉtat which allots to him, so a legitimacy without precedent. As a president dune association who gives the word to the free spirits of the Maghreb and dailleurs, the least of the things is to show lexemple on the matter. The fact of dappartenir at this community does not prevent us from thinking by ourselves and dépouser dautres more advanced points of view. This nest not parce quon was born in a family from Moslem culture quon owes sattribuer this religion in our the least action. While having this starting base, one can change religion or nen to have any in the name of secularity, hones angular republican values. All the religions are misogynists and homophobes; cest to be believed quelles is afraid, at the same time, of the woman and lhomme who is feminized since laccent is, all the same, put on male and nonfemale lhomosexuality which overlooked. Therefore, cest the female one which terrorizes the monotheists as sils suspected that louverture desprit and the end of their influence will saccompliront only by this skew. It is clear that religious linfluence, consciously or not, is with lorigine of this lack of tolerance and respect of the difference. In the name of religious morals, we must apply antiquated rules which made their time and seek to encroach on ours. Only, with each one its time, and cest with us to take the top and to oppose to us to this intellectual terrorism and physics which sexerce to the name dun God. As for lantisemitism, one cannot lattribuer with the original religions which descend all from the same father. Half-brothers, or the wire dAbraham, concern the same family, quils wants it or not, and the wars of religion are only wars of familleŠ the rise, current, dactions anti-semites is more due to new religious interpretations, the dangerous return of lintegrism and lamalgame which is done with the israélo-Palestinian conflict. I am for legality of the rights and the duties between men and women. I am for sexual freedom between the adults. I am for legality between the races, the colors and the human beings of some origin quils are. All the cultures are worth for the benefit of lhumanity whose only and single richness remains the respect of the difference.

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