Mar 23, 2006 9:18 pm


Well, here is some wonderful news. We have been waiting and waiting for women's organizations to speak out against Islamist mistreatment of women in the Muslim world. Danish women have finally crossed the Rubicon. We can only hope their sister organizations will follow. In the meantime, read and enjoy this translation of a JP article sent to me by Lars.

Women's organisations angry because of Arla-ads By PETER SCHOLLERT and ELSE BOELSKIFTE

Arla Foods risks a new boycott, this time in the homeland shops

Danish women's organizations are angry, because Arla in an ad in Saudi-Arabia and other Golf states is distancing itself from Morgenavisen Jyllands-Postens Muhammed-drawings and expresses respect for islamic values:"...the years, we have had in your world, have taught us, that justice and tolerance are fundamental values in Islam."

The president of the organization Kvinder og Frihed [Women and Freedom], Vibeke Manniche, calls it"shameful and an insult against women all over the world" that Arla advertises in that way. Arla is failing to take into account the problems women have especially Saudi-Arabia.

List of alternatives

As a direct protest the organization chose last night to publicize a list of alternatives to Arla's [milk-] products. The dissatisfaction with the ad is shared with the presidents of"Dansk Kvindesamfund","Kvindernes Internationale Liga for Fred og Frihed" the umbrella organization "Kvinderådet"The Women's Council in Denmark. Randi Iversen of"Kvinderådet" said:"Its a grotesque ad. Justice and tolerance towards women in these countries is very hard to spot." Annelise Ebbe of"Kvindernes Internationale Liga for Fred og Frihed" said:"As Islam is practiced in many places in the Middle-east, it is the opposite of tolerance and justice towards women"

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