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Mar 21, 2006 10:57 am

Updates on the Cory Maye Case

I spent most of last week in Mississippi, doing some research and reporting on the Cory Maye case.

I've found quite a bit, most of which makes the case more troubling than it already is.

You can check here for the latest. There's still much, much more to come.

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Gary McGath - 3/21/2006

Nice work. The letter which I received from Maye several weeks ago impressed me as coming from someone with a level head in a dire situation. As he wrote, "Most of all in times like these it's the moral support that's important. Mississippi's system has their way of dealing with matters. And without moral support the innocent tends to be forgotten."

Aeon J. Skoble - 3/21/2006

Oh, I see. Yes, good call.

Radley Balko - 3/21/2006

I think we're talking about two separate issues.

As for the media, I think part of it may well be hostility to gun rights and the idea that a man has the right to defend his home. At least on the left. Of course, the right-leaning media hasn't really jumped all over this, either. My guess there is because we're dealing with a dead cop and a drug case.

A less sinister reason for the lack of media coverage may be that Cory hasn't even appealed his conviction, yet. Any possible execution is still years away. The media doesn't tend to take an interest in death penalty cases until the execution date nears. That said, if he's granted a new trial in June, I suspect we'll see a circus down there.

As for the left, the truth is, they ar beginning to rally for this case. But I and Cory's legal team have asked them to hold back.

We're dealing with a very conservative state supreme court, here. And a very conservative governor. The worst thing for Maye's defense would be to have a bunch of Tookie-ites, hardcord leftists, and Barbara Streisand camping out in front of the governor's mansion. That'd make it very easy for for the politicians (the Sup. Ct. in Mississippi is elected, not appointed) to dismiss the case as a red-vs.-blue issue, and ignore the troubling facts.

My goal is to rally the *right* behind Maye, which would give the MS Sup. Court and possibly Haley Barbour some political cover to do the right thing.

To that end, I think a far more pertinent question at this point would be, "Where's the NRA?"

Aeon J. Skoble - 3/21/2006

Radley, you're doing an awesome job looking into this. Why hasn't the MSM gotten on it? More specifically, why isn't the "Free Mumia" and "Free Leonard Pelletier" left gotten on this? Is it because the story is too RKBA-friendly for the average lefty?