Dec 27, 2003 1:43 am


Atrios and CalPundit have good recaps of the Wilson-Plame scandal.

If you want to know how serious it is, Josh has this comment on Condi Rice's appearance on Faux this morning:

When your best argument is 'the Justice Department is investigating us and we hope they get to the bottom of it', you're in a jam.
And, by the way, don't your ears prick up every time they say"But the president didn't know." Haven't we heard that before?

Finally, Kevin's latest post on it makes an excellent point:

Now that this story has been confirmed, it really makes you face up to the true contemptibility of the whole affair. Think about it: two top White House officials, the ones who run this country and are supposed to guard the security of our country, blew the cover of a CIA agent solely to gain some petty revenge on a minor political opponent.

I just don't know how much worse it gets than that. As much as I despise the team in the White House, I always thought that — in their own way — they were doing what they thought was best for America. I never thought they would betray their own country just out of spite. I really didn't.

But if they'll do something like this, they'll do anything. I guess Krugman was right all along: these are radical ideologues who care about nothing except staying in power and will do anything, no matter how craven and malevolent, to get what they want.

I think that about covers it, don't you?

At this point it's awfully hard to believe these same people used to say that Clinton's administration was corrupt and immoral, isn't it?

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