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Nov 21, 2006 2:22 am

Wow! Mullahs released Akbar Ganji today

Akbar ganji, the journalist and Iran's most famous political"prisoner of conscience" the other night after spending 6 years imprisonment, was released and returned to his home and family. Right after his release many journalists and political activists met Ganji in his home. The prison officials have said that: Ganji official freedom is on March 30, 2006 and at this time he is been released for leave of absence. Mr. Salarkia the deputy of Tehran public prosecutor said: Since it is New Year (Norouz) we have given to him a week leave of absence so that he can stay with his family. Ganji's wife said: Last night unexpectedly they brought Ganji with all his belonging to our home. She said the first thing we want to do is to look into his medical needs.

Here are the headlines around the world:

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Iran's top dissident released from jail Reuters News

After 6 Years, Iranian Reporter Freed CBS News

Right after his release Akbar Ganji was greeted by his friends at his home. Click here to see some new pictures. Monday is Iranian New Year!

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ARash - 3/18/2006

Great day for all Iranians... Did Ahmadinajd do this to get better PR or he wanted to do it to stick it to Rafsanjani? Or the heat/pressure from American was too much to handle?

It will be iteresting to see what he says and what he does in the next coming months!

Thanks for covering this story

neylabak1 - 3/18/2006

I saw your blog's link in Ganji's blog that have left by an Iranian friend.
I appriciate you for involving Ganji's news.
Happy to see this page
Ganji's weblog: