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Mar 14, 2006 5:11 pm

Washington Post and Iranian activists

Well Michael Ledeen does not think WP was honest in their reporting,

"It’s hilarious that Vick and Finkel would offer this tolerated ecological “violence” to show that resistance to the regime is weakened, when, as they wrote, thousands of workers were recently demonstrating against the regime, from Tehran to Khuzestan. Nor do we hear about the bravery of Iranian women, who just last week demonstrated in Tehran and were clubbed, slashed, and incarcerated. They knew it would happen, but were willing to sacrifice themselves to show their own courage and the regime’s ferocity. But such news would undermine the whole thrust of the Post’s latest effort at agitprop, so we don’t hear anything about anti-regime protests, even though they are the true background to all events in contemporary Iran.
"Back in the Cold War, those of us who supported the Bukovskys and the Sharanskys were often told by the Walter Durantys of that time that we were fools, because we were only making things worse for the dissidents. But they were the real fools, and morally corrupt fools at that. So will it be today, provided that George W. Bush and his people have the tenacity to join this epic struggle, which uniquely fuses high virtue with fundamental national security."
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