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Mar 13, 2006 7:40 pm

Why Negroponte is hesitant to release the Saddam documents?

Stephen Hayes reports that Bush wants to release the Saddam files but his intelligence chief stalls.

"Negroponte never got the message. Or he is choosing to ignore it. He has done nothing to expedite the exploitation of the documents. And he continues to block the growing congressional effort, led by Hoekstra, to have the documents released.."

There is information about Iraqi agents being trained by Russians.

” Details about the Mukhabarat's Russian spy training emerged from some Iraqi agents' personnel folders, hidden in a back closet in a center for electronic surveillance located in a four-story mansion in the Mesbah district, Baghdad's wealthiest neighborhood. .”

Why is it that the intelligence community is not interested in releasing documents captured in postwar Afghanistan and Iraq? Pete Hoekstra offers a possibility,

"They are State Department people who want to make no waves and don't want to do anything that would upset anyone," he says.”

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