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Dec 27, 2003 1:43 am


the White House may be putting us through this crisis to save Scooter Libby! I meant that as a joke. I honestly didn't realize that might actually be the case.

And, let me tell you folks, I now think that, in addition to Rove, Cheney was involved with this. It's not Rove they're protecting but Cheney. This begins to make more sense now. I've been reading speculation from readers and others that this is about Cheney. I think this development is confirmation that this is certainly plausible. We also may now know who told the political staff about Plame's identity -- it very well may have been Dick Cheney himself.

My goodness. This just became a bigger story and the insane defense of the White House now is, at the very least, more understandable.

It appears they're protecting the Vice President.

Holy Cow.

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