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Mar 13, 2006 1:16 am

Jack Straw Is Following Condi's Lead

British Foreign Minister Jack Straw will say in a speech tomorrow at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London that

"Iran is going in the wrong direction, chances are being squandered, Iran and the Iranian people deserve better,"
"We in European countries need to communicate better with the Iranian people,"
"We should not stop standing up for principles for human rights and fundamental freedoms which we hold dear to ourselves and which so many Iranians aspire to,"

But will Europe listen? What about Europe's economic ties with Iran. According to Iranian Mehr News agency, the joint effort between Iranian and European part manufacturers appears to be more promising and based on the latest information Renault Company has already signed a $648m agreement. Another French corporation, Peugeot, is also going to establish a purchase office in Tehran.

Will the EU follow Jack Straw's advice?

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