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Mar 12, 2006 6:27 pm

NYT Correction: So Blondes will disappear?

An excerpt in the Reading File column last Sunday from an article published last month in The Times of London about the evolution of blond hair included a reference to a study, attributed to the World Health Organization, that predicted that blond hair would become extinct in 200 years. In 2002, after the first news reports about the study, W.H.O. said it had never done research on the subject and that it had no knowledge of how the reports originated.

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Dr. Annette Reed - 5/5/2008

Gentlemen, as long as Lady Clairol hair dye exists, there will be blonds. Most of blond ladies now enjoying golden, beautiful tresses are blond by design, not nature.
However, I don't believe nature will allow blond babies to vanish--that's just the thinking of swarthy scientists.