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That is the argument made by Robert Tracinski, Editor & Publisher, The Intellectual Activist and TIA Daily. So, strongly does he feel about the subject that he put one of the cartoons of Muhammad on the cover. He writes:

The message we need to send is: if you want to kill anyone who publishes those cartoons, or anyone who makes cartoons of Mohammed, then you're going to have to kill us all. If you make war on one independent mind, you're making war on all of us. And we'll fight back.

An Amherst based Free Inquiry Magazine is also about to publish the cartoons. The editor Paul Kurtz explains:

...the sacred cows of any society need to be examined, no matter what they are; whether political, religion, values... and particularly when they have powerful political implications."

The library of Winnipeg refused to be intimidated by Muslims organizations and will stock copies of the Western Standard which printed them.

All these are flickers of courage. But, obviously, they are far from sufficient. In addition, MSM failed to provide the public with the information it needs to make a considered judgement on a highly controversial important subject. Yes, the cartoons are available on the net but according to this professor's testimony, even his students have not seen them. So, I doubt the vast majority of the adults did.

In the meantime, Al-Asadi, a Yemeni editor who condemned the cartoons but also sought to serve his readers by printing them may be facing financial disaster if not a death sentence.

The prosecution lawyers told an ominous story in which a lady was killed during the Prophet’s lifetime after she insulted him, and that the Prophet then praised the killer. They also argued that Al Asadi should be grateful he was arrested rather than lynched. Their witnesses demanded monetary compensation for the"pain and suffering" the cartoons caused them. Ignoring the death threats, Al-Asadi focused on the financial demands:

I am disappointed at the length of time that this ordeal is taking, and at the way the accusations are made.

I was surprised at what they asked for, and the damage to the newspaper they want. They want the assets of the newspaper – its computers, equipment and its buildings, as well its money to be confiscated.

Given this environment, isn't time for MSM to overcome its cowardice and republish the cartoons?

Update: Atlas Shrugs is receiving death threats and hate mail.

Also see, Post cartoon Cesorship.

Muhammad's Dead Poet Society

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