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Mar 1, 2006 2:42 pm

Attack on Free Peeps: WHERE is the Outrage?

Free speech--or at least, the freedom to gawk at scantily-clad lingerie models in a storefront window--is under attack again. We need to stand united against this latest assault on our freedoms. We all need to go out and buy a lot of lingerie in solidarity with the lingerie models of Maine. That will show the anti-lingerie forces that we will not be intimidated.

The more the attacks on free speech continue, the more Danish butter cookies, Havarti cheese, and sexy lingerie I'll be forced to purchase. Let this be a warning to the enemies of free speech.

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Irfan Khawaja - 8/4/2006

I live dangerously.

Jason KEuter - 3/8/2006

Mr. Khawaja,

I've enjoyed both this post and the following post on the Rushdie manifesto.

I must warn that should you choose to make a public display of your solidarity by actually wearing any of the items you vow to buy, you will play into the hands of the radical Islamists.


Jason Keuter