Feb 21, 2006 10:08 pm


Every so often I visit the comment section of my original posting on"Buy Danish." You may wish to do so too. It seems to have evolved into a kind of a chat room. A recent topic discussed on it is called"On World Chaos." European wrote this:

Its not about denmark: this is about, that criticism of islam is being restricted - instead of having a fruitfull debate about culture-clash, the right wing succedes in painting their grim picture... and the picture seems true to many these days; but we will fight it, together with moderate muslims who are sick and tired of the way their religion is being abused.

The islamist imams have had TO Much influence in europe - especially Britain, where the hate speech only rivals the neo-nazis! We have a deep and seroius problem, that we need to face before its to late: we should isolate the ultra right- left- and islamist ways of living, before they torch all the liberties our grandfathers fought for!

The dream of islamists is to have a state under sharia law - no democracy!

Americans have taken their beatings defending"the free world", and has been laughed at by selfconfident europeans. I guess everybody is re-thinking this these days...

My analysis is; the muslim world just torched the"blind eyed" support they have recieved for years. Tough times are ahead, and europe just had its"wake-up call" about this islamo-fascism, most arab nations are supporting or being controlled by!

We are not dealing with states and the civilized way of communication - we are dealing with a geo-politcal mess of powerplay from a inferior and demolished religion (by years of internal struggle and supression), hijacked by a few anti-democratic islamists, that the moderates is in NO POSITION to control!

The war on terror is a mess - but what is the possibilities for us?

How can we embrace moderate islam, while we fight the brainwashed islamists and their terrorist attacks?

I think the problem is within the structure of islam, and in our simplified ways of dealing with it!

European politics is NOT the way to do it. Bush is not the way to do it - but how do we kill islamism, without hurting ordinary muslims? This is not a clash of cultures - its a clash of (I dont know how to express this, but); evolving culture, and regressive culture...

We don't want to go back (islamism), but we want to move forward incorporating islam as any religion. So how do we do it?

By setting up standards that are NOT NEGOTIONABLE: as free speech, free religion, equal rights, womens rights, childrens rights.

Everyone is feeling american these days, because of the way you usually talk about these liberties... we just feel asleep in europe, using the better of 60 years, mending the scars of the last fascist threat: Islamism is the new one (not islam, but islamism!)

We will not accept - we will fight this intolerance!

You may wish to visit the site and read the other responses including one from an American GI. Believe us!

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