May 3, 2007 2:52 am


Finally, MSM has the story it has been waiting for, a story about Christians and Muslims killing each other. Unfortunately, as I have noted bellow, the Christians have concluded that they can either continue to die or retaliate. They are retaliating by burning mosques and killing Muslims.

Moral equivalency more than reigns again. Interestingly, this time AP does not try to cover up the religion of the murderers: Anti-Muslim Riot in Nigeria Turns Deadly.

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Amir - 2/22/2006

Judith A. Klinghoffer wrote: "Christians have concluded that they can either continue to die or retaliate"

Note how she justifies killings by Christians: "retaliate or die." Christians were killing Muslim minorities in the south where Christians are the majority and were not in danger of 'dying' (as she claims). It was pure revenge attack for what happened in the north (nothing at all to do with 'retaliate or die'). She won't offer such rationalization and justification if the killers were Muslims or Palestinians like in Arab-Israel conflict.

Liggett - 2/22/2006

Looks like business as usual at AP. They report only when Muslims are killed, not when they do the killing. Likewise, the despicable AP usually waits for an Israeli airstrike before enlightening the world that a "retaliatory Israeli airstrike kills 2", burying deep in the story that the strike was an attempt to stop multiple rocket launches aiming at Israeli civilians. The same pattern here: it only becomes a story when Christians start to riot so that Muslims could be portrayed as victims.

Michael McCullough - 2/21/2006

Thank you for keeping us informed about this. You are doing the web community a real service.