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Frieda reports:"In this article published on Tuesday, the Islamic Republic's website BAZTAB proudly and praisingly reports that more than 500 Danish and European websites have been hacked by a group of"Iranian" (meaning Shiite) hackers for the recent"insult" against Islam. Although not mentioned in this article, this followed the report earlier that some 100 Islamic Republican websites HOSTED IN CANADA had been hacked because of their cooperation with the reformist Hamshahri newspaper in its Holocaust caricature competition."

If the hacking is part of a wider attempt to manipulate the foreign media, gag orders on the publication of domestic unrest is an example of determination to keep control of the domestic media. Michael Ledeen reports that"of late, the regime has beaten, tortured, and incarcerated thousands of Tehran bus drivers, Bahais, Sufis, and Ahwaz Arabs, and they have even threatened the families of political prisoners, saying that the whole lot of dissidents will be killed if the U.N. votes for sanctions." The Iranian media is banned from reporting it. An Iranian blogger reports:

Emrooz: Iran's security officials gave order to the media in the country to stop covering news about the arrested workers from the recent Syndicate Public Transit Workers strike and their situation.

The managing director of a reform newspaper while reported this news to the site of" Emrooz" have added : The situation for the activities of independent media is getting more and more limited and the" red lines" that were created by the security officials are not allowing the media to do their main mission which is to bring the true news to the public and societies .

The"source" who asked not to be identified have emphasized on :"If this trend continues , the public for their own sake may refer to foreign media and this isn't good for the country."

It is a small wonder the Mullahs are so concerned about Rice's plans for the $75 million dedicated to keep Iranians informed while they are sipping coffee at the new Star Box.

On the Rice initiative, Frieda reports: Iranian media coverage is very positive toward Rice's $75 million pledge toward Iranian this article it says when America talks non-violence way of attacking Iran, they increase their friends around the world but when they talk the military talk they increase their number of enemies...

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Gary - 9/17/2006

This hacking isn't much different than what the Democrat hackers did to the web site. I clicked over to them prior to Pathto9/11 airing and the site had been hacked. The hackers had put clinton's face there with finger pointing. And the 6 videos wouldnt work. TV has since fixed the videos and they can be viewed but they left clintons face there for evidence of just what the dems will do to preserve whatever legacy he has and to hide the real truth of his administration. Gary