Feb 22, 2006 12:23 am


Death toll arisen to 45. There is fear of additional such anti-Christian pogroms in the country.

If there is something worse than the killing of 15 innocent Nigerian Christians and the burning of their churches by their Muslim brethren for the sin of belonging to the same religion as the Danes, it is the refusal of reporters to tell the ugly truth.

"Most of the dead were Christians beaten to death on the streets by the rioters," Ezeoke said. Witnesses said three children and a priest were among those killed.

What is the title of the report? Cartoon Protests Leave 15 Dead in Nigeria.

Our former president's response to the mounting death toll which includes numerous Pakistanis? Not to mentions generous bounties for the murder of the cartoonists.

Clinton, on a private visit to Pakistan, said he saw nothing wrong with Muslims around the world demonstrating in a peaceful way, but he feared a great opportunity to improve understanding had been squandered.

Well, I guess it all depends on what the meaning of peaceful is.

Of course, the Pakistanis understood him perfectly. They know that when you say Danes, you really mean Zionists.

This story has just exploded in the Blogsphere, see here and here. So, the MSM will not be able to ignore it for too long.

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Alex Bensky - 2/20/2006

Well, Dr. Klinghoffer, if the Presbyterian Church USA had its delicate sensibilities ruffled by Israeli bulldozing of terrorists' houses, think how much more they'll be outraged by the actual killing of their co-religionists.

Please keep your readers informed of the actions by the Presbyterians, Episcopalians, and others with respect to this. I'm sure they'll be divesting from Nigerian oil companies any day now.

foreign devil - 2/19/2006

This REFUSAL of the press to mount a HUGE OUTCRY is GETTING US KILLED. I say "us" because if this continues through this clash of civilization, it's only a matter of time before people are being bussed in to US and Canadian, indeed, European cities with machetes and pipes as they have been in Nigeria. The refusal of the press and the MSM to truly mount the kind of outrage, say, they have over the recent shooting by the VP, is going to get more and more people killed. If they'd all come out in unison and HOWLED THEIR DISGUST, it might have quelled the riots and shamed the Muslims into ceasing this obscene behaviour. As it is, Muslims see nothing is going to happen to them for howling and they are going to up the ante. The REAL STORY IS THE PRESS REFUSAL TO COVER THIS. WHY?

Are the entities that own the various news organizations wholly or partially owned by Saudis or some other Islamic group or individual? I know, for instance, that Prince al-Taliweed (sp?) owns approx. 5% of CNN stock and bragged that he saw something he didn't like about Islam on CNN on one occasion and picked up the phone and called one of the executives at CNN. The story was revised.

The bottom line is this refusal by the MSM is getting people killed and they are culpable. But why? Surely they realize the danger to their own loved ones, here in North America? At any moment one of these insane imams could call for intifada on our shores and we'd find ourselves in the middle of the day, our children at school or elsewhere and defenceless, facing these monsters who've been bussed in with their weapons and us unprepared.