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Dec 27, 2003 1:43 am


Again, I will repeat myself, that the more progress we make on the ground, the more free the Iraqis become, the more electricity is available, the more jobs are available, the more kids that are going to school, the more desperate these killers become, because they can't stand the thought of a free society. They hate freedom. They love terror. They love to try to create fear and chaos. And what we're determined in this administration is not to be intimidated by these killers. As a matter of fact, we're even more determined to work with the Iraqi people to create the conditions of freedom and peace, because it's in our national interest we do so. It's in the interest of long-term peace in the world that we work for a free and secure and peaceful Iraq. A free and secure Iraq in the midst of the Middle East will have enormous historical impact.
Progress? What the hell progress would that be? And I'm really tired of hearing about the schools. My understanding is very few schools closed for the war anyway. This litany of"progress" presented by W is yet more administration up-is-downism.

Also, whenever you hear the"they hate freedom" stuff you know W and the boys are scraping the bottom of the rhetorical barrel. That's idiotic"good vs. evil" silliness for people who don't want to take time to think about anything. They want some simple half-reasoned excuse for this mess we've gotten ourselves involved in.

Surely even W can come up with something better than that pap, right?

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