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My readers seemed surprised when I reported information that there was a Boycott of Israeli products in Denmark. Carsten Folman wrote:

Radical groups in Denmark sometime runs a hate-campaign against Israeli goods in the form of (all) 20-30 people storming into a supermarket to vandalize Israeli brands. But its been a few years since it happened last. I guess that is why some importers prefer to lay low. Sad really.

I didn't know there was a boycott against Israel now, or in other words, I think it is failing miserably if there is.

...By the way"Denmark" cannot order a manufacturer in any country to remove a label. Only the buyer can do that - and I wish they didn't. It kind of makes it difficult to return the favor and buy Israeli if we cannot see the label. What do they make other than fabulous oranges? (sorry for being ignorant)

David Gertzman, also known as soccerdad responds thus:

It's well and good to fight the recently organized Arab/Muslim boycott of Denmark, but there's been an organized boycott by the Arab world of Israel for 5 decades.

One way to fight it is to look for goods made in Israel. A particularly useful site in this regard Or just do a search on"buy Israel" and you'll get a number of other sources.

One unique such enterprise is Ahava products that features cosmetics made from the Dead Sea. Also if you are buying generic pharmaceuticals there's a good chance they were made in Israel because Teva is the world's largest manufacturer of generic drugs.

Here are some additional sites: Israeli products. and Shop Israel Online. For information on cutting edge Israeli technology visit

Betka asked my to highlight her favorite shoes, Naot.

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Mette - 2/20/2006

I-packs just outside Copenhagen is importing all kinds of stuff from Israel according to an add in a magazine.

Lisbeth - 2/15/2006

I'm all for buying products from Israel but sadly I cant find any online store that ships to Denmark. From what I can see the links posted only ships to the US??

Betka - 2/14/2006

Israel makes GREAT shoes.

Beautifeel and Naot. I am sure they are in one of the lists you offered up but just wanted to highlight my favorite Israeli product :)