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Feb 12, 2006 8:59 pm

Bang Bang He Shot Me Down

[cross-posted at Austro-Athenian Empire]

I’m sure the running dogs of statism will be rushing to use His Excellency’s recent misadventure as another argument for increased gun control.

If so, the case will be a poor one. In the world the gun controllers are building, people like Cheney will always have access to firearms.

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Anthony Gregory - 2/13/2006

Great idea! The only danger I could see with this, and with most proposals to relegate state agents by stripping them of certain rights, is if the power to conscript is still left intact. We wouldn't want people drafted by the state just so they could be deprived of their rights!

Aster Francesca - 2/13/2006

Don't forget to add police officers to that. And same rules for handcuffs.

Robert Higgs - 2/13/2006

Here's a proposal: any subject may have a gun, but no ruler or ruler's agent (e.g., member of the army or navy) may have a gun. I believe that in view of how dismally the traditional way has worked, this proposed way is one whose time has clearly come.

Anthony Gregory - 2/13/2006

Do you think it's unlibertarian to propose that, so long as someone is a top official in the Executive Branch, he shouldn't be allowed to carry a gun?