Jul 4, 2006 11:15 pm


On Tuesday, February 7, UPI reported:

In the latest chapter of the cartoon scandal, organizers of the international Jeddah Economic Forum said no Danish businessmen and economists will be invited.

The Director General of Public Relations at Jeddah's Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Faycal Batawil, said Tuesday the decision was taken"to express solidarity with the feelings of anger sweeping the Muslim world as a result of slandering Prophet Mohammed in Danish newspapers."

I, with the help of some of my fellow bloggers, raised questions about the betrayal of the Danes by such high profile Western leaders such as Al Gore, Steve Forbes, Cherie Blair and Gerhard Schroeder. Apparently, the organizers decided to provide these spineless"leaders" with a cover:

In response to reports that delegates from Denmark will not be coming to Jeddah Economic Forum 2006, Amr Hassan Enany, JEF Chairman, pointed out that the two Danish guest speakers concerned have themselves declined the invitation to attend and that their decision was entirely their own.

If you believe it, I have some oil wells to sell you.

Shame on Gore, Forbes, Blair and Schroeder. They deserve the contempt in which the Saudis hold them.

Shame on the MSM for aiding and abetting the cover up with their silence.

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valdemarsejr - 2/12/2006

your entry is Hate speach if there ever was one.
I do not blame all muslims for burning down embassies etc. Neither should you blame all danes for one newpapers action.

By the way, did you know that Denmark has supported the palestinians with 720.000.000 kr app 120.000.000 us$

did you know that Denmark without any concerns as to religion is using the highest percentage of GNP by any nation for funding relief and development programs.

just thought you should know

Petersen - 2/12/2006

Hi Anas - you are plain wrong on this. 80% of the Danes back their PM, and 60% of the Danes are convinced that the lieing Danish Imams are responsible for the crises, together with the cildish reaction to comedy in the Muslim world, especially the iliterate Arabs, who conduct their lives according to a outdated 600 years old religion, which itselves haved proved to be an insult to a modern and progressive world.
No wonder that your countries are among the poorest in the world.

You produce nothing of values to the rest of the world, the only reason the Arabs are not all camelbreeeding beduins is the oil. Even the oil money they can not make the most of, it's reserved the few rich leaders.
Shame on you!

anas - 2/11/2006

Any one who belives that freedom with out limit is the freedom of unclvilized peoples will express solidarity with the feelings of anger sweeping the Muslim world as a result of slandering Prophet Mohammed in Danish newspapers. Those who can not respect others deserve no respect. Danish people must keep themselve away from the this newspaper and condem the PM for the way he handled the crises. Denmark is loosing just because of few who can not understand the difference beteen free and hate speach.

anas - 2/11/2006

Gore, Forbes, Blair and Schroeder have nothing to do with Denmark. Any wise person should do the same. Noi one can support aggrisive against others. Hate- speach by Danish newspapers must be condemed and considerd as act of irresponsibility. One must think to respect others beleives and sacred fighures. If danish raised on secular country whers insulting others is accepted in terms of free(hate) speach, they can do this with their queen, or PM or any one. It is shamefull to see peoples in the 21century can not repect others thoghts and beleives. It is realy Shame