Nov 4, 2006 10:28 am


An American soldier posted this on the comment section.

Beer for the Superbowl

I certainly don't condone insulting people's religion, but nobody should be threatening anybody with death or kidnapping (or setting fire to embassies) over some drawings on a paper; just ridiculous. People complain that we in the west don't understand Muslims. Perhaps that's true, but having lived in Iraq for 10 months, I can tell you that they sure as hell don't understand us, either.

I don't know any Danes personally, but as a fellow western democracy, you all fully deserve America's support against the forces of Islamic intolerance and hatred.

So, tomorrow, before the Superbowl, I will go out and do my best to find a case of Tuborg or Carlsberg. And, as I drink it, I will say a silent toast to Denmark and to freedom of speech, and then I will say a prayer to my God for the safety of those artists who drew the cartoons!

These are our sons, these are our sons . . .

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pst314 - 2/8/2006

Thanks, M.T. I didn't know that about Denmark.

M.T. - 2/8/2006

In denmark you can say that the holocaust didn't happen - but it makes us stronger, because everytime some idiot bursts out with comments like this - we can see that idiot, and we can tech our children in school to show respect, and we can talk about what we know... its a much STRONGER way of dealing with lies - of course the debate can sometimes get a little heated; but truth prevails, because we have to keep telling eachother about whats right and whats not!

This have also implied to other discussions in our society: as with neo-nazis, radical islamism, integration and such.
Understand that the danes might have the most free discussion of political and religious topics in the whole world - and we are proud of it!

(we are not proud if some newspaper offended the muslims unnecesarily, but we are proud that we can debate freely!)

pst314 - 2/7/2006

"isn't talking about the holocust a free speech also?"

In America we have no laws against denying the holocaust. I tend to believe that Europe's laws are a mistake. But I would also point out: Those who deny the holocaust are, in varying mixes, ignorant, stupid, and depraved. The current Muslim infatuation with denying the holocaust (while simultaneously wishing for a new one) is a good sign of the moral degeneracy of Islam, as is the incessant Muslim propagation of the Blood Libel. When will Muslims stand up and denounce these evil lies? Until this changes, Westerners will notice that the elites of the Muslim world seem to be on a moral level with the scum of the Western world.

Dane - 2/6/2006

Yes it is - but doing it without facts, or using it, as the very poor looking prison-escapee, running Iran these days; is only provocation and should be avoided!

As for the cartoon of Muhammad with a bomb on his head; when your reaction is to threaten denmark with beheadings and bombs - dont you think you just proved the cartoonists point?!

fasdfas - 2/6/2006

isn't talking about the holocust a free speech also?

Ren - 2/5/2006

I too will not be looking for Danish products to buy and never having had Danish beer, I'll have to try it. As a fire fighter in Canada, I remember well the horrific killings of my brothers in New York. For me, I know where I stand and will never accept the words of any muslim as true. I saw those so called "good muslims" in Canada rejoince and dance in the streets during 9/11. These are so called "friends". Yeah right! Give me Danish beer too! Lerts stop doing business with muslim lands and watch them eat sand after a while. They do not deserve our blood or money. By the way, what about the gross anti Jewish cartoons that have circulated in muslim land well before any Western anti terrorist cartoon ever showed up, without any Wester backlash ? Are we too leniant when faced with such provocation ? Those who play with fire will eventually get burned! If there are any good muslim people out there, lets hear them loud and clear, lets see them demonstrate against their terrorist counterparts. All we see and hear from them is "silence".

Heidi H - 2/5/2006

Whilst many democratically elected governments in the West are all over themselves condemning the publishing of the infamous cartoons, it is truely encouraging to surf the internet and see the vast number of blogspots supporting free speech.

Bry - 2/5/2006

I wholeheartedly agree with you Heidi. It seems that seperatism truly but unfortunately is the only way. We must leave them be until they grow up.

Heidi H - 2/5/2006

This is the conclusion of one of my fellow Danish countrymen (and I'm starting to agree with him) after debating with Moslems on the following site:

In the west and in the ME we have to limit access as to whom we can let into our countries. We cannot allow radicals of the opposite party entrance to our countries, and those who is allready there must be expelled immediately. No extremist and radical agitation - this is a limitation of speech and freedom, but we are too different. Evolution may have to solve it, and though it is a huge step backward, it is the only solution.

Trade should be stricktly limited - only to avoid human disaster should medicals, hopital equipment ect. be allowed exported to ME.

This is seperatism, which is exactly what the world have fought against, but considering the deep deep difference, it has to be.

The SA diaries are built and maintained by Danes - the cows on your fields are ancestors to Danish cows. The insuline for your diabetic has mainly come from here. All this can be replaced. The only significant thing we had from SA is oil. It can be replaced by our own oil from the North Sea - we produce much more than we can use. Our export to ME is minor and it is rebuilding elsewhere by local buy Danish campains. So it is not really a problem to any of us.

The Danish diplomatic representation in ME is considerable, considering the size of our country, especially in the countries around Israel, based in original support to Palestinians right to their own country (Denmark was the first European country to recognize FNLP (Fatah). This should be reduced to one central representation in Amman.

The Quatar leadership has cut back in the national cooperation, not allowing Danish and Norwegian tradedelegations access. In Quatar only 5% of the population are locals. Their import of everything is so massive, that their society we stop totally if the west followed my proposal.

Seperatism is a bad solution, but as it is, there is no other way in my mind.
When this tuomoil is over, you will see that radical imams7agitators will no longer be allowed access to our country, and those allready will not be allowed to stay.

Hammerhead said this on February 5th, 2006 at 11:10 am

Denmark, our King (!!! Many Arab nations demanded an apology from the Danish king - we have a queen), the PM, the government all apologizes to the world for having brought WW3 upon us. God, Allah, Buddha, Odin, Zeus help us!

Bry - 2/5/2006

Under each and every article they have written about the cartoon outcry they write

CNN has chosen to not show the cartoons out of respect for Islam.

But they do not hesitate to show the danish flag being burned. Please notice that in the flag is a cross, the symbol of christianity.