May 5, 2008 5:41 am


Here we go again.

First, the Zionists did it.

Now, it is revenge for 9/11:

"The international community should understand that any attack against our prophet will not go unpunished," wrote Samir Ragab, editor-in-chief of Al Gomhurriya, one of Egypt’s top three state-owned dailies.

"It is not a question of freedom of opinion or belief, it is a conspiracy against Islam and Muslims which has been in the works for years and if no serious measures are taken this campaign will gain momentum," he said. . . .

Ragab argued that the wave of reproductions in the European papers was"evidence of a premeditated campaign masterminded after the September 11 attacks" against the United States. . . .

"The pretext used to justify the cartoons, including freedom of the Press and freedom of expression, is another example of the double standards prevailing in the West," Saad Hagras wrote in the newspaper.

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Viking - 2/4/2006

I'm really tired of radical Muslim Imams who try to impose Islamic taboos to our western societies.

They don't get it, we will never, ever bow to this. We reserve our right to debate religion as a whole including Islam.

If Islam can only responce to this with violence, they have clearly demonstrated that they are savages, that derserves no respect from modern communities.

We will fight for our rights of democracy, free speech, and right to belive in what we want.
For the time beeing we will fight with the pen, rahter than the sword, but it should be clear that democracy will be defended to the last drop of ink....

The spilling of blood, we leave for the most peacefull of all religions - ISLAM.....