May 8, 2006 4:27 pm


As far as I know the British paper have not yet published the cartoons but one group Al Ghurabaa is planning a mass demonstration in London on Saturday and issued the following calls:


The recent cartoons that appeared in a Danish newspaper (Jyllands-Posten) and that were then re-printed in a Norwegian magazine, The Paris daily France Soir, The German Welt daily, Spanish and also Italian newspapers and which insult the Messenger Muhammad (saw) carry the death penalty in Islam for the perpetrators, since the Prophet said ‘Whoever insults a Prophet kill him’ [For example in the narration collected by Al-Haakim, upon the authority of Hussain Bin Ali (ra)] In this respect Muslims do not make any distinctions between any of the Prophets of Allah (SWT) and so this would also apply to any insults levelled against Essa (as) (Jesus) or Musa (as) (Moses) or Ibraheem (as) (Abraham) etc…Allah (SWT) sent his Messengers and Prophets to mankind to guide them from the darkness of following their own whims and desires into the light and beauty of obedience and subservience to him.

It is the height of ignominy and profanity in Europe today that when Muslim women act upon the revelation and try to cover their flesh they are being banned and when Muslims defend their brothers and sisters from attack around the world following the command of God they are rounded up and imprisoned, all under the pretext of ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’, whilst simultaneously so-called newspapers and magazines can insult Islam and the Messengers of God with impunity without any comeuppance.

and Kill those who insult the Prophet Muhammad (saw)

The kuffar in their sustained crusade against Islam and Muslims have yet again displayed their hatred towards us this time by attacking the honour of our beloved Messenger Muhammad (saw). In September 2005 the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten published 10 cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad (saw) which were later republished by a Norwegian paper Magazinet. Until now both governments have refused to denounce the drawings and to condemn the publication of them.

Denmark has a history of blasphemy against Islam, only in August did radio presenter Kaj Wilhelmsen say that all fanatical Muslims should be exterminated and the rest should be kicked out of Europe. Last year the queen of Denmark aired her disapproval of Islam and for those ‘whom religion is their entire life’. Prior to this the Danish government issued the right to dismiss a Muslim woman from working in a supermarket for wearing the hijab. Furthermore Denmark is an ally of the war in Iraq with 500 troops stationed in the South and 10 from Norway showing their approval and participation of the war.

Both governments claim that one of their underlying principles is the freedom of speech and that everyone is free to speak their mind and to voice their opinions openly. They claim that the publication of these cartoons is a mere expression of ones opinions falling within the framework of the law. This is the same freedom of expression that quite readily prevents the This is the same freedom of expression that quite readily prevents the propagation of Islam and support of the mujahideen using it as and when it suits them.

This should come as no surprise to the Muslims because this is the exact and true nature of the kuffar that Allah (swt) has informed us of in the Quran. The kuffar will never have respect for our deen, they will never honour it and will always seek to ridicule and disparage it. At every opportunity they will try to attack and belittle it whilst concealing the greater hatred they have for it in their hearts. This is also evident throughout the history of Islam where the kuffar carried out similar acts to try and defame Islam. Allah (swt) tells us that; verily, the Kaafireen [disbelievers] are ever unto you your open enemies. [4:101]

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Pinoy - 2/4/2006

I'm Filipino but I totally agree, these people who proclaim their religion's moral supremacy and cultural greatness are nothing but a bunch of hyprocites. They claim that western and christian civilizations are morally backrupt and culturally corrupt... well let me ask them, why do u keep forcing yourselves into Europe?! You hide in ships, trains, and travel by boat just to reach EU territory risking life and limb in the process. Fact is, you enjoy the freedoms of the west but you are too stubborn and stupid to even attempt as assimilating into society. Many dont even try learning the languange let alone the culture of their host countries, instead they insist on holding and IMPOSING their culture on us. This leads to your unemployability and hence u just milk the state of social subsidies. Are you productive to the economy? NO. are you a burden? YES. and YES you love to destroy.. remember Paris burning!

My advice is, if you dont like the freedoms in Europe, go back to the Middle East because the west is not under Sharia.. the west is secular!

Loony - 2/3/2006

Wake up Crstianity!

These bastards of muslims "goats fuckers" as said Theo van Gogh who paid with his life the courage to unmask these barbarians shall be all sent back in their countries of origin dropped from planes!

The hospitality,tolerance and mercy of Cristians is now paying back with bombs, killings and threats!

This garbage who invaded the Europe is now making the law on our continent. How long can we accept this bad smelling animals around us!

The climax! The Palestinians attack the EU representatives and European ambassades! Europe is pumping 60 milion Euros monthly to kip them alive! How long the European tax payer will accept the humiliation to pay for these beggars?

Let's clean up our societies, they cannot thank to the addopting countries, they never will integrate and then they rather will make Europe to look like their miserable countries of origin than changing their behaviour and live a civilised life.

One more question? Does anybody know how many simbols o civilization did they destroied how many simbols of Cristianity did they profanated? Did the Cristians bomb their capitals? No! This makes the difference between humans and savages!

How many Cristians are accepted to live and respect their religion on muslim land? None!

Then why we have to accept this scraps in our homes and then they impose us their rules?

Send them all out of Europe and close the borders for these fanatics! Europe does not need them. We have enough resources to make our society prosperous without these fanatics who made dirty our culture and land.

What is doing the Big Albion by acceptin the parazites who threaten with intifada on the British land. Are there any remainings of pride for this people or is it now anything else but Brithis?

Mark - 2/2/2006

It appears you folks in Europe are waking up, and realizing what it is you have allowed into your countries. I for one am glad to read about it. You would think all Europe needed to wake up was a three week riot by Muslim youths in France, Germany, and Holland. Oh wait, that already happened. My bad.

Bill - 2/2/2006

Buy the Danish some Ammo. I'd say the same thing for the Brits, but they've nothing left to shoot it in.

When they come for you, it's too late to realize your mistake.

zoomdoggie - 2/2/2006

I think the freedom loving ppl in the world should rise up and kill all those who threaten freedom and free speech. Push them under a rock where they belong.

Mazin - 2/2/2006

I'm glad this is happening, because it is times like these that the world begins to take notice of what mohammed's cult (absolute surrender) is all about. Its about time Europe woke up to the evil within.

Terry Peacock - 2/2/2006

Devotion without wisdom is fanaticism.

Mr T - 2/2/2006

Just think about it: "You paint that, and I will kill you"...

Primitive, primitive, primitive -
We don't need that in the world!

Pedersen - 2/2/2006

Word wide religious war over some cartoons seems about to break out, headed by fanatic muslims....
They never got around to understand what freedom and democracy is all about... Sad...