Dec 27, 2003 1:43 am


Jesse points us to a sick right wing puppy's blog post of a fantasy about the killing of Democratic Senators so he can get his four judicial nominees:

WASHINGTON-January 6, 2004. A paramilitary organization calling itself the Christian Liberation Front changed the balance of power in Washington by a pair of brutal attacks this afternoon. A force estimated at about 200 CLF commandos stormed the Supreme Court building, killing 35 people, including five Supreme Court Justices. At the same time, a contingent of 1,000 CLF paramilitaries attacked the Hart Senate Office Building, where a Senate Democratic Caucus meeting was being held. Approximately 50 people were killed in the attack. Once the commandos had seized the building, they systematically killed Democratic senators from states with Republican governors. Here is a list of the 21 senators killed

Daniel Akaka Byron Dorgan Mary Landrieu
John Breaux Bob Graham Blanche Lincoln
Hillary Clinton Ernest Hollings Barbara Mikulski
Kent Conrad Daniel Inouyye David Pryor
Tom Daschle Tim Johnson Harry Reid
Mark Dayton Ted Kennedy Paul Sarbanes
Chris Dodd John Kerry Chuch Schumer

Joe Lieberman was campaigning in South Carolina, and missed the assassins. The attackers turned themselves in to police, and are proudly confessing their crimes, cooperating with authorities.

If the governors appoint Republican replacements, there will be 72 Republicans in the US Senate until replacement elections can be held. Even if a few Democrats are named, there will be likely at least 60 votes to vote for cloture and appoint replacements for the slain Supreme Court justices, changing the balance of power on the court.

Jesse suggests that Glenn Reynolds comment on this since this guy is on his blogroll and he links to him fairly often.

Um, yeah. I'd think he should -- and remove him from his blogroll. I wonder if this is why Glenn took a"blog break" this morning?

This whole thing is sick and absolutely indefensible. I'm also not sure a call to the FBI would be out of line either.

I don't know how anyone could write something like this.

Update: In the comments to Jesse's post, there's an interesting (and not violent or offensive in any way) fantasy. However, when it was posted in the comments to his post, Mark Byron found it so offensive he deleted it immediately.

I'll repost it here:

WASHINGTON-January 6, 2004. A wannabe paramilitary organization calling itself the Christian Liberation Front changed the balance of power in Washington by attempting to stage a pair of brutal attacks yesterday. A force estimated at one CLF commando named Mark Byron, carrying a homemade assault weapon and screaming"My EZ-Uzi is not subject to interstate commerce laws! Just ask the 9th Circuit!" attempted to storm the Supreme Court building and kill dozens of innocent non-fetuses as well as Supreme Court justices whose rulings he considered less-than-biblical. At the same time, a contingent of one other CLF paramilitary named Ann Coulter, after getting lost while trying to find the New York Times' Washington bureau, attempted to drive a rented truck filled with fertilizer-based explosives into the Hart Senate Office Building during a caucus of Senate Democrats. U.S. Capitol Police repulsed both attacks, and because God is merciful and pro-life, neither of the attackers was turned into Swiss cheese in a hail of bullets but rather placed under arrest without anyone getting hurt.


Documentation found in the suspects' computers indicated that funding for the attack came from Australia, said investigators who spoke on condition of anonymity. The investigators also were looking into the timing of the assaults, both of which began precisely at 6:02 p.m., and in particular why Fox News was reporting live from both of the scenes in a split-screen on Brit Hume's show as the assailants attempted to reach their targets.

Investigators added that the suspects' computers also held incoming emails of support for the attacks from numerous conservative Republican politicians, including current elected officeholders, appointees and other occupants of the highest levels of government, as well as from conservative Christian leaders loosely organized through the web site"All of these messages were couched as descriptions of `fantasies' but that was the most thinly veiled attempt at code since Osama bin Laden's last video," one investigator said."The messages denied supporting the plot, saying merely that `it has a following in the darker parts of my mind,' but you know you're dealing with hardened terrorists when you see tortured use of the passive tense like that."


The news that self-proclaimed patriotic Republicans would even fantasize about much less support an action so inimical to democracy apparently prompted a strong backlash from the American people. National polls rushed into the field last night in the hours after the startling event found widespread disgust at the attacks and at Republicans for any hint of condoning them. President Bush's job approval rating plummeted from around 50% to statistically insignificant levels, with more than 90% of registered voters saying they definitely would vote against Bush in November. By similar margins, voters said they would reject Republicans running for Senate and House; the poll numbers suggested that Democrats would easily win a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.

And thus the attempted attack changed the balance of power in Washington by taking it away from the Republicans, who Byron and Coulter seemed to forget were the ones who had the power in the first place.

Now, let me get this straight. Any opposition to the posting of his pathologically violent"fantasy" is somehow violating his right to free speech and McCarthyistic.

However, at the same time, a squeaky clean satire based on his original post is beyond the bounds and therefore should be deleted from the comments section immediately!

How hypocritical is that?

Welcome to the strange ethical universe of the righty blogger folks.

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