May 8, 2007 3:12 pm


Not exactly. Read Honourable Citizens of The Muslim World and decide for yourselves.

To be honest, I do not think it's over and I think it will have long term ramifications. It is hard to believe but with the election of Angela Merkel there is a new spirit in Europe.

With Schroeder at the helm, Germany and France competed to see who can be more Anti-American. Since Merkel's election they compete to see who can be tougher. Chirac threatens to nuke terrorists' bases. Merkel says Ahmadinejad threatens the democratic world. EU stands by Denmark with the French foreign minister announcing:"You can never put question marks around the freedom of speech in any European country, and therefore we have all declared our solidarity with the Danes." Other EU members were just as strong.

I am glad we stand with the Danes and thrilled they found out about our"Buy Danish" efforts. As a Jew/Israeli I know how good expressions of solidarity feel.

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Poul Pedersen - 1/31/2006

Thanks to the americans for their support.
The Danes are not going to cave in on this matter. The Jyllands-Posten paper said sorry for hurting muslim feelings, not for bringing the cartoons, which still proved a good point on selfinflicted censorship.

Even thought our Prime minister mr. Fogh Rasmussen personally didn't like the drawings, he is on no way goind to come up with an official apology. He cant - Danish papers are free to write what they want, no matter waht goverment thinks or do.

A poll shows that 80% of the danes don not think that there should be an apology for the danish goverment.

We won't let our freedom up for some muslim preast who are using this matter to stir the pot, and make anger angainst the western world.

Thomas - 1/31/2006

The "Buy Danish!" initiative is all over the news this morning - even the left-wing papers. It is very good to know that our little country is not alone against the entire middle east. One thing is to get support from the EU (who is subject to change any time the crises escaletes), and from americans who stand by our liberal beliefs.

So Thank you!

Thomas, Copenhagen

PJ - 1/31/2006

Indeed, you are getting a bit famous, getting mentioned every hour at the moment - a small ray of sunshine amidst the torrent of unpleasantness , now including people getting attacked because they are from Denmark and companies having to let people go since business have dried up.