Jan 27, 2006 8:33 pm


No wonder Ahmadinejad was surprised by the world response to his call to wipe Israel off the map or at least put it in a coma. Nor should anyone be surprised by the Palestinians opting to vote for Hamas. After all, the global elite gathering in Davos included and article entitled the"boycott of Israel" in their official booklet Global Agenda .

No. Do not blame only Europeans. The article is written by Mazin Qumsiyeh who IS a lecturer at Duke and Yale universities. I cannot quote directly from the article as it is "no longer available" on the website. But it is summarized thus:"

The writer claims that Zionism's goal is to wipe out the Palestinian people, that it is one of the worst colonialist and racist movements ever, and that the Zionists of today are pulling the strings and setting the policy of the U.S. government.

In a recent First Post, James Bartholomew describes his shock at finding admiring descriptions of Nazi Germany and its leaders in a 1940 book written by Sir Nevile Henderson, the last pre-war British ambassador to Germany. The ambassador thought the Nuremberg rally had"a grandiose beauty" which he"had never seen a ballet to compare with it".

Bartholomew concludes:

Most of us like to think that, had we been around in the 1930s, we would have been little Churchills in understanding the fanaticism and opposing it relentlessly. But many people at the time did not. Evil does not go around with a sign around its neck.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the new Iranian president, has a smile at least as charming as Hess's. But he wants to wipe Israel off the map and is developing nuclear weapons. Evil can be charming, hospitable and even have"a grandiose beauty". It is a lesson worth learning.

So, here we go again. Let us not forget that Davos is in Switzerland, the country which ostensibly created bank shield laws ostensibly to help Jews hide their money from Nazi confiscation only to use those laws to hide the money from the legitimate heirs of the holocaust victims. Let us not forget that many of those heirs live in Israel. Perhaps, the Swiss are so studious in handing out the booklet containing the hateful article in their airports and placing it in all their hotel room, it is because it enables them to retaliate against the people who uncover their underhanded manner in which they helped finance the Nazi war machine during the war and profited from Nazi victims after the war.

No. It is not recognizing evil that is difficult. What is difficult is giving up the convenient Jewish scapegoat.


Professor Klaus Schwab has since issued an apology for the inclusion of the article blaming unacceptable failure in the editorial process. The problem is that the NYT reports that the article was solicited!

I would like to know who solicited it?

The NYT which tries to cover up the identity of Mazin Qumsiyeh by referring to him merely as a resident of New Jersey does note:

The timing of the contretemps — on the day that Hamas won a landslide victory in Palestinian elections — was not lost on people here. The future of Israeli and Palestinian relations was high on the agenda on Thursday at this meeting of about 2,300 political figures, private groups and corporate executives.

Now, they are shocked, shocked . . .

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