Jan 19, 2006 11:41 pm


I know. Homicide bombers are becoming routine. The NYT photograph of terrorists killed in a gun battle is reminiscent of the adoration of the magi. A film attempting to humanize theses low lives wins awards.

Yet, there are no movies of the real heroes, the ones who just as routinely put their lives on the line to save others from these inhuman fanatics. Consider the following report from the latest one in Tel Aviv:

One eyewitness said that a policeman entered a falafel and shwrama (grilled meat) sandwich shop and pulled him outside for a search.

Here is a man, a policeman, who knows that by checking the suspect he may cause the homicidal fanatic to trigger the explosives. He also knows that his chances of surviving the explosion are poor. Only last December Haim Amram joined the ranks of policemen and security guards who blew up during similar procedures. Still, he did not hesitate. He pulls the man out of the restaurant to cut down the number of casualties and then proceeds to search him and, yes, triggers the explosion.

At the moment it appeared that only 20 persons were injured. That means the policemen survived, thank God.

Now these security men are true heroes!

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