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Jan 17, 2006 11:50 am

What's the Deal with Clarence Thomas?

I expect this sort of thing from Scalia but Clarence Thomas? Despite his conservative social views, he voted last year to defend the rights of states to pass medical marijuana laws. Now, he votes to overrule them on assisted suicide.

Hat tip Oscar Chamberlain.

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Jule R. Herbert - 1/17/2006

Suggest his opinion be read here:

He says he would have joined in upholding Oregon's statute under the standards of federalism rejected by the court in Raich, but not that is "water over the dam." Curious dissent.

Anthony Gregory - 1/17/2006

He's also the weakest on habeas corpus and detainments of "enemy combatants"—or, as Bush sometimes calls them, "illegal non-combatants." He was good on the marijuana issue, but I think libertarians tend to be far too easy on him. The man believes in executive supremacy.