Dec 14, 2007 1:36 pm


Remember the story of the Danish newspaper which published Muhammad cartoons to prove Denmark still retained its cherished freedom of expression? The story continues to reverberate not only in the OIC but on the streets of Pakistan. See them march in downtown Islamabad demanding the death of the cartoonist (they mistakenly believe it was a single one) and offering 7000 Euros to the executioner. Afterwards, the message has been disseminated by media and flyers.

Danish foreign ministry warned Danes not to travel to Pakistan.

The Danish ambassador is staying but he seems rather scared:

'But the situation is of course serious,' he said. 'They might want to get to the Danish illustrators, but if they can't reach them, they could make to with a scapegoat.'

That scapegoat could be anybody, the embassy warned, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has warned all travellers from visiting Pakistan because of heightened risk of violence.

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Nightnday - 1/31/2006

I can't see why they scould boykott danish products now!
Last year they've send out flyers 'round Denmark witch told all Islamists to kill all jews, then an Imam (Abu Laban) send people to the middle east to tell about the drawings and some lies!
Now they boycott us and burn Dannebrog ( Our Flag, witch include a cross ) If they wonna burn our flag, then they step on all danish people and our nation in whole!
Maybe all danes scould boycott all muslim shops in denmark?

Mohammed - 12/19/2005

The 12 famous Mohammed / Muhammed / Mohamed Cartoons created by Danish artists for the newspaper Jyllands Posten.

There is so much talk about them, but who has actually seen them all?

All 12 Muhammed Cartoons & English translation of texts. May these innocent cartoons be spread aroud the world and shown everywhere, in order to show solidarity in the name of the highest good of all: Free Speech. The right to call things by their right names, even if it is painful to many people. Let's not remember the Holocaust's of the past, but be warned about the Holocaust to come, if Mohammed and his living incarnations on earth are not stopped from conquering the world through terror, through threats, through immigration, through the UN and "anti-racist" legislation, through the restriction of free speech, and through extremely high birthrates which allow for replenishing ever new supplies of real and virutal suicide bombers.