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Nov 25, 2005 5:41 pm

Who Said This?

"The essential task of government is defense of the social system not only against domestic gangsters but also against external foes. He who in our age opposes armaments and conscription is, perhaps unbeknown to himself, an abettor of those aiming at the enslavement of all."

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Ludwig Von Mises, Human Action, Chapter 15.

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Vince Daliessio - 11/30/2005

I believe that Mises underestimated the willingness of the average man to take up arms to defend home and hearth. Not every leader of the time believed this, see Admiral Yamamoto's assertion that "You cannot invade the United States mainland. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass"

Stephen W Carson - 11/28/2005

This is discussed in Ralph Raico's "Mises on Fascism, Democracy, and Other Questions". The unfortunate answer seems to be "yes"... In a John Stuart Mill "liberal imperialism" way.

Sergio Alejandro M?ndez - 11/25/2005

It is true that Mises supported British imperialism?