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Nov 24, 2005 1:00 pm

The First Thanksgiving and Guns

Over at Volokh, Jim Lindgren reproduces an early account of the First Thanksgiving. The account he punches more holes in the already discredited thesis of Arming America that guns in early America were widely unavailable and inaccurate.

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Kenneth R. Gregg - 11/25/2005

Sartell Prentice's article on "The First Thankgiving" (;year=2005&month=11 ) is on FEE's website at this time. Sartell, an old friend of mine and author of a work on cathedrals ( ) was always quite proud of his essay. Sartell always argued with his brother, Perry Prentice ( ), who was publisher and editor of the Architectural Forum and VP of Time, Inc. Sartell was a hard-core free market anarchist and his brother a Georgist. He died years ago, and quite old when I knew him in the 1970's,

Just as an aside, you might be interested in this: "Pilgrims Mistook Natives for Israelites" ( ) which is some recent research on Indian/Pilgrim relations.

Just a thought (and Happy Thanksgiving!).
Just Ken