Aug 1, 2006 2:54 am


The world press is rightly worried by the Muslim governments' orchestrated attack on free speech in Denmark. It is led by Egypt which is organizing"a diplomatic campaign against a Danish newspaper which published cartoons of Islam’s Prophet Mohammad"

The Egyptian Foreign Minister, Mr Ahmed Aboul Gheit told reporters yesterday that the publication, in the newspaper Jyllands-Posten, was “a scandal” for which an apology was due.

He said the Egyptian government had been writing letters to leaders around the world to muster support, including the UN Secretary-General, Mr Kofi Annan and the head of the organisation for security and cooperation in Europe.

“The aim is that this would lead at the end of the day to mutual understanding, possibly to apology, an end to such acts and a stimulus to Europe to correct its approaches,” he said.

Here is an email I received from a Danish friend in the know. I added some links:

Yesterday we had a major diplomatic crisis with Erdogan, who left a press conference with prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen in anger because a Kurdish journalist was present. An awkward and embarrassing scene, but his host only regretted the rude behavior of his departed guest and emphasized, that Turkey should take a completely different stance on the question of free speech, if they really want to enter the EU.

Also yesterday the World Association of Newspapers, WAN, whose board is gathering for meetings in Copenhagen these days, spoke out their support to Jyllands-Posten and warned the IOC not to make an issue out of the cartoon-case.

The foreign minister of Egypt has now also demanded an apology from JP.

EU-commissioner for the expansion of the EU. Olli Rehn, said yesterday that Turkey's attempt to make the Danish government behave like a totalitarian government towards a newspaper will have no impact whatsoever on the country's chances for acceptance in the EU. This is solely a bilateral conflict between Turkey and the newspaper, Rehn stated.

But he added that he personally finds the drawing with the bomb in the turban"tasteless" and"an incitement to xenophobia and hatred". Many of the commissioners are WERE politically correct.

We even have a EU-surveillance center in Vienna, that shall monitor the debate in the media and ensure, that it is in all countries conducted like the German and the Swedish debate, that is: ordinary people's opinions shall not voiced if they are (what the Center consider:)"racist". The Vienna Center of Surveillance has an extremely broad definition of this stigmatizing label: skepticism towards mass-integration is"racist", criticism of certain aspects of Islam also"racist"(and not"blasphemous", Islam is ipso facto considered a"race". Makes the hunting down of heretic European voices much the easier)

The leader of the center is called Beate Winkler, and she could have been an editor of"The Stürmer". There's a German/Austrian preoccupation with"race" that is no less, than neurotic. Hitler can laugh in the grave, he never had. His mode of thinking has become the habit, only inverted - but then of course"racist" towards the native populations of the territories over here. If they care for their country and are worried about its future, they are labeled"nationalists" by the nomenclature.

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