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Welcome Danish readers and thank you Instapundit for linking this and for giving publicity to this most important story. I hope you will find some of the interest. I also hope someone will translate for me Andres' column. More importantly, Anders should know he is not alone and neither are the Danes.

Too slowly but their story is beginning to penetrate the MSM. Here are some examples: Denmark Moslem youth riots ignored while Paris is burning; Cartoons Provoke Outcry in Denmark; Things are Strirring across the Continent and Anti-Prophet Danish Cartoons on OIC Summit Agenda

Dear Dr. Klinghoffer

I am an editor at Jyllands-Posten (and I am at this moment writing a column for tomorrows paper, introducing to our readers your fine analysis of our case in HNN).

I just wanted to inform you, that Egypt thursday has announced, that it will discontinue any dialogue with Denmark and also from now on try to block the appointment of any dane to international posts. This is communicated by the egyptian ambassador in Lebanon to AFP, the french news agency.

Also, it is confirmed that the danish insult will be an official issue at the OIC's comming session in december.

Yours truly

Anders Raahauge


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PJ - 2/1/2006

The French newspaper France Soir today, wednesday, reprinted the cartoons. One wonders if the French government will be steadfast or cave in and apologize as well.

Anne-Marie Jensen - 1/30/2006

I'm a danish womman, just following the news.
I am deeply troubled abaut what's going on.
In Denmark ve have a freedom to speek and write (and draw) what we want.
Now muslim people, who have come to Denmark because they want freedom (?), tried to put the whole muslim world up against us.
What is the next???
Is there a new boycut beacuse danish wommen don't want to where skarfs on their heads???
Or can the muslims boycut Denmark to aquire the sharia laws???
The muslims, who lives in Denmark have today, by showing false pictures in the muslim world, caused 2000 danes to loose their jobs.

Alex Bensky - 11/6/2005

This is an unusually depressing post. Denmark is about as open, tolernt, and easygoing a society as you're going to find anywhere. The fact that even Denmark is considered oppressive and a fit subject for violence does not auger well for the prospect of Muslims being able to fit into Western societies

M. Simon - 11/5/2005

Interesting that the Danish Government is being punished for things a private paper published.

I expect to see the headline: "As the riots continue for the third straight month...."

Oreb - 11/5/2005

I lived in Sweden as a child, where Multi-Culti Accomodation is even more advanced,
so I can sort of muddle through in Danish.
Better yet for your readers, Links in English:

from Jyllands-Posten

"Prophet cartoons prompt Egypt to cut off Danish dialogue"

and from
The Copenhagen Post
("Danish News in English")

"Newspaper cited as terror target"

Beth Donovan - 11/5/2005

I hope that Denmark will not bow to the demands of Egypt and other Arab countries and apologize for comics.

Good lord - can you imagine the outcry in the United Nations if the US took the stance that those countries who make fun of Christians or Jews should be banned from any international office?

This is truly arrogant.